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I’m on a mission to help hoteliers maximize their online room revenue. I will improve your pricing strategy and put your online marketing on full throttle, so you will always turn a healthy profit.


Improve your Online Distribution

Your hotel needs to be present everywhere online. I will set up and execute a digital marketing plan . This includes:

  • managing your presence on online travel agencies such as, Expedia and Airbnb.
  • managing your hotel daily rates on all your digital channels including your website and online travel agencies.
  • managing your digital marketing campaigns.
  • maximizing your profits.


Increase your Website Bookings

Most digital agencies get it wrong! They focus only on increasing your website traffic. Although getting more people to visit your site is great, it doesn’t mean that the number of your bookings will increase. Why? Simply because all that matters is whether the visitors you’re getting to your site are ready to book. This is what I focus on. I work hard to make you more money from your website. I start by analysing your site and spot those areas that need improvement. This is a process of testing new ideas both in terms of design and content.

Gilly improved our site to get more bookings and got us an extra 1.6 million Euros in revenue in less than a year. That number is still climbing!
Brian Pratt
Brian Pratt
Senior VP for Distribution Corinthia Hotels
Improve Email

Improve your Email Marketing

Are you still sending the same email message to your entire database? How about a personalised email campaign that increases your direct bookings? Rather than spamming your customers with the same message and waiting for bookings to come in, I will implement an email marketing solution that sends the right message to each customer at the right time. We will learn what they are interested in with every email that we send them and use this information to send them the right offers at the most opportune moment. This will skyrocket your email conversion rate. I will literally convert your email database to an ATM machine. Yep! money will start rolling in whenever we send an email to your customers.

Gilly improved our email marketing strategy and increased our bookings by 64% in just a year.
Marco Duyves
Marco Duyves
Cluster Commercial Director Meydan Hotels Dubai

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My Digital Consultancy Services are not for you if:

  1. 1

    You’re not ready to move fast and you prefer to stick to what you’re used to, rather than adopting new strategies that will get you more hotel bookings.

  2. 2

    You prefer to repeat what your competitors are doing hoping that one day you will reach your industry benchmarks.

On the other hand, if you’re ready to let me do all the work for you in terms of digital marketing for your hotel, I’m sure we’ll be a good fit.

I only take on a couple of clients every year to ensure that they each get the best service possible and that they get results fast. Fill out the form below to book your free consultation so that we can discuss your challenges and how I will solve them for you.